• CHAPTER ELEVEN: A Father's Prayer

    The house is quiet. The news is on. No one is in the living room, but the front door is open. The screen door is closed so flies and other unwanted guest know not to just wander up into the house. The afternoon sun pours amber into the living room through the windows and wire mesh screen, showing off the dust lingering in the air like ultra fine confetti in a late day parade.

    Les is making his way up the walk and into the house.
         "Mags! You got another postcard! This one came from your son...all the way over there in Africa. Dex is fine...says he misses home. He's ready to come home Mags."

    Les stands in the living room and looks at the card.
         "Jamie came home Mags. He came home and he brought all that mess from Washington here with him and Mags...Mags...I know you would have wanted me to hug and say welcome home son, but I just got so mad..."
    Tears begin to well up in Les' eyes,
         "...I just got so mad Mags. I know you would have done better if you were here."
    Composing himself,
         "I'll try again Mags. I'll try again and do better Mags. And Mags...we should be proud. He's done well. All our boys have. I don't like this card business but I am proud of Jamie. He works hard...all our boys do. This card, Mags, is from Liberia. A free country. Been a free country all along. Dex is making a difference. Frank is a teacher, making a difference. Craig puts in a hard days work EVERYday and making a difference. And Jamie is here, working with the President...the President of the United States, Mags. He is making a difference."

    Les steps up to the wall and pushes a button pin through the postcard from Dexter.
         "Our boys are good, Mags. You should see them, Mags. You really should see."

    While Les is looking over the wall of postcards, news anchor, Jenny Cox, continues on the television.

         "And protest continues throughout the country as more buses and truck loads of Mexicans and Canadians are escorted to the nations' borders for deportation. The President is very clear in stating that this process isn't simply "something done to the Hispanic". Anyone without proof of citizenship and is not issued a Dracel card is being escort out of the country. On the opposite side of the story, the unemployment rate has improved tremendously as this deportation act has freed many jobs now assumed by American citizens. The Department of Labor reports that there has never been a more secure time in American history in the work place. Yes, knew this change would bring about protest and defiance, and that it would potentially get worse before it got better. We are now seeing signs of the  "better"."

        "In other news, the price of gasoline per gallon is 99 points per gallon. Not since the year 1998 have we seen a national average of the price of gas rest under a dollar. With more of America working and spending more, the economy is experiencing the greatest boost since the 1990's. Not even the 1980's and the consumptive "Me Generation" experienced such a robust time economically. President Robert Johns' approval rating has skyrocketed in recent weeks as a result of the radical changes in this country. With growing support and confidence from the American people, President Johns can expect reelection with little contest."

        "In international news, the Mandela Liberty Transcontinental Highway is nearing completion. Reporter, Maxwell Dodson is joining us from Washington DC after a press conference with the USA Corp and White House with an update on this initiative. Maxwell,"

         "Yes Jenny... the USA Corporation and the White House have met with the dignitaries and civil leaders of the over 20 different countries on the western half of the African continent to discuss the economic development that is the highway and in what ways these African nations can potentially benefit as more Americans are likely to visit there in the coming years. Spokesperson, Jamison Dracel, creator of the Dracel Card, spoke to reporters today to give his weekly update on the card and the economy. Today Dracel added that a new initiative is in the developmetal stage, one that would intice more Americans to travel abroad but to also consider less traveled locations throughout Africa, as well as Europe and Asia."

    The report cuts to Jamison at his weekly press conference,

         "This is a time for growth, not just in America, but a global growth. As our economy and morale grows stronger, that will trickle out to our allies and friends in every direction of the planet. We are excited about the Mandela Liberty Transcontinental Highway and what it will mean economically as well as culturally, to have Americans, and all of this world's citizens, visiting Senegal, South Africa and all points in between. We will learn so much from our friends in all the nations along the coast and, in turn, pour millions of tourist dollars into each respective nation the highway touches, and beyond. Our goal will be to build transportation arteries throughout the continent and bring economic strength all over Africa."

    Les takes a seat in his arm chair, which is well worn and caves to the shape of his body when he sits.  He takes a long, deep breath before saying,
          "Yes...he IS making a difference.  Mags, ask the Lord to watch over our boy...all of them."


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