• Diva Blue Films or Diva Blue Philms (DBPm)? A Branding Question

    So, I've been plugging along today...away from my house. Came out to my mom's house, know she'd be gone all day, to get some work done...and this what hit me:

    Diva Blue Philms (DBPm)

    Yes? No?

    I currently have the following set up and running:
    Diva Blue Productions (DBPr) as the overall company/brand name, includes all things production, professional and educational. That would include "Genesis: New American Superheroes", "Shirts vs. Skins",  and my workshops including "ActWrite!"

    Diva Blue Photography (DBPh) is the professional photography and photo editing service.

    Diva Blue Publications (DBPb) is the publishing arm of the company with the "The Box 69: A Photo Blog Series by Diva Blue Photography" as the first coffee table book and major publication. My first self published book, "Hot Sauce and Honey" came before DBPb. I'm considering a second run of "HS&H" and a mini coffee table book for my 2001 stage play, "Vinegar Hill" to also be available through DBPb.  The IMMEDIATE two books to come from DBPb will be the first book of the "Genesis" series (a DBPm) and the published version of "Passage Home". ALSO, DBPb will produce family/wedding/engagement/event portrait keepsake books of photos shot by DBPh. (Synergy all over the place!)

    Diva Blue Patterns (DBPa) will be the merchandise/apparel arm of the company. Originally DBPa focused on scarves, caps, etc crocheted in the winter of 2012/2013. It will include the Diva Blue merch store on Zazzle and expand beyond Genesis to all the other projects coming down the line ("Passage Home", "The Box 69", "Vinegar Hill") (Synergy like a mugg!)

    So in keeping with the DBP branding (DBPr, DBPh, DBPb, DBPa), but having an arm focused specifically on film, I thought DBPm. It's odd but it's different. I don't know.



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