• Nothing like a bowl of Cheerios to remind us that we DO NOT live in "post-racial" America. White mom + Black dad = POTUS...too.


    I chuckle at the thought of this country being a "melting pot" when it often takes so little for that pot to boil over.  We boast about a land of diversity but attack a :30 commercial spot depicting diversity in the home. This is a land of contradictions and double talk. This is a land proclaiming a separation of church and state while legislating from the pulpit. This is the land of freedom while being surveilled from every street corner, at every angle.  I put a small piece of tape over my laptop camera, not because I'm paranoid, simply because I can not be sure. We live in a land where a song called "Accidental Racist" is the new "March on Selma" but a cereal commercial depicting a bi-racial child in her home with TWO parents, a white mom and a black dad, is cause for boycott. Did we forget the President of the United States is also the child of a white mother and a black father, raised by his white grandparents? Would HIS Cheerios commercial be less offensive?


    "The father is laying on the couch, depicting him as lazy, BOYCOTT CHEERIOS!!"
    Were he NOT in the commercial, "niggas be makin' babies and don't hang around, BOYCOTT CHEERIOS!!"
    "The black man is taking all our white women, BOYCOTT CHEERIOS!!"
    "I'm tired of seeing white women take all our good black men, BOYCOTT CHEERIOS!!"
    "That white lady doesn't know how to do that baby's hair, it's lookin' wild, BOYCOTT CHEERIOS!!"

    Well, my father works hard EVERY DAY and deserves a nap AND the big piece of chicken.  As a matter of fact, I instantly thought of Bill Cosby and the MANY times Cliff Huxtable needed a nap and attempted to take one despite the constant nagging of his kids. I see neither men as lazy.

    My father's second wife was white and I suffered in NO way because he found love with someone who didn't look like us. The only difference I recalled was she liked her eggs runny and I was never one to "chase" my yoke. No thank you. And I'm not certain that's necessarily a "white thing" but up until her, I had never seen a black person eat a runny egg. I have since then, but I've digressed.  Other than an occasional runny yoke, I loved her hugs and I loved her love. It came with NO shade or hue different than my own mother's.

    And as for the hair...yeah...well...we hear this so much where bi-racial children with white mothers are concerned.  However, I promise you, I can roll through SOMEBODY'S "hood" RIGHT NOW and want to whoop some mama's ass for sendin' her baby to the corner 'sto' for a single pack of kool-aid and Wonder bread with some wild and unruly hair.  Hell, we cheered on Hush Puppy like she was Rosa Parks at the Oscars for her depiction of a child with a lion's mane, raised by a sleeping black father, who look like he could have used a bowl of Cheerios!


    I'm so sick of EVERYTHING sparking a race riot. I'm so sick of EVERYTHING being an attack on the black race. I'm so sick of EVERYTHING being an attack on the white race.  I'm so sick of the hypocrisy that America is the home of the free and the land of the brave when we are neither free nor brave when something like fuckin' bowl of cereal sets America back, making "The Birth of a Nation" look like a documentary or a look into a crystal ball.

    Sounds extreme, doesn't it? Sounds somewhat over the top, doesn't it? Sounds all the way fuckin' ridiculous, doesn't it?

    Yeah...well, so does all this name calling and finger pointing this commercial has evoked. Leave Cheerios alone.  Of all the things I'm seeing on television right now, from "Scandal"(which I love!) to "The House of Payne"(which I loathe!); from "The Real Housewives of AtlantaNewYorkNewJerseyOrangeCountyBeverlyHills" to "16 and Pregnant";  from CNN to the Weather Channel, this clip of 30 seconds gives me the greatest amount of hope for America...more than anything I have seen since the election results of November 2008. Have a bowl of that.





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