• We are 61 DVDs Away From Reaching Our Goal!! Shirts vs. Skins Kickstarter NEED Your Final Push!!

    We are so close, we can taste it!

    Ok...so to bring you up to speed...

    We have 13 days remaining in our campaign! Now, if you know anything about Kickstarter, you know  it's an ALL OR NOTHING venture. WE ARE SO CLOSE TO ALL!! If we do not reach our goal of $5,000 by July 9th, we get NOTHING!! That won't be good at this point, given we are 69% funded.

    You may have also noticed that we have made our Kickstarter something of a competition. When you make your donation, you can choose Team Shirts or Team Skins when selecting your incentive package. The winning team will receive an additional gift, if we reach our goal. If we do not reach our goal, no one gets anything...and there's no fun in that!! SO...for only $25, you can help our movie out and receive a DVD of the finished film. You may even win an additional prize if your team wins!

    Here are more videos for you to enjoy! 


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