• WE ARE ON OUR WAY!!! "Shirts vs. Skins" is 10% to our Kickstarter goal!! Let's go a LITTLE further today!!

    Today we are going to posting some NEW video footage, introducing you to more cast members and asking for your continued support! We are 10% to our goal of $5000. Thank you supporters who have backed our film so far and thank you to those who are about to join our team!! We've got 30 days to raise $4500. Every day is important...Every dollar counts!

    SO...are you Team Shirts or Team Skins?! Show us with your donation and PLEASE SHARE THE LINK TO OUR KICKSTARTER!! That helps too!!

    Thank you Tajir S. Hawkins, Tina Johnson, Red Summer, Chamique Holdsclaw, Erika Ringor, Neveah Hinton, Dawn Amy, and Nekaybaaw El for being a part of the Shirts vs. Skins team every day, all day!



    Today, Red Summer and I met with a producer/investor who, essentially changed my life in one conversation today regarding Genesis: New American Superheroes. While I will certainly tell you all about that...later...lol...here's what I do want to tell you...now: at the end of our meeting, as he was getting up, I mentioned Shirts vs. Skins. He paused and asked, "What's that?!" I told him and his response was, "That sounds REALLY interesting and I think it will help me sell you as someone who is 'doing it'...producing films. Get that one done!"

    Get that one done. Well, while it looks like I'm gonna have some great help for "Genesis" from today's meeting, "Shirts vs. Skins" is gonna be ALL me...and I NEED your help! In a nutshell, the success of "Shirts vs. Skins" could play a part in some of the choices for "Genesis". SO, PLEASE visit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/divablue/shirts-vs-skins...not simply to pledge a donation (which you are welcome to do), but are going to posting short videos and interviews every couple of days as well as regular blogs/updates on our progress.

    My life took a major shift today...and again, I WILL bring you all up to speed i the next few days. Right now, please turn your attention to "Shirts vs. Skins" and trust me when I say, it is ALL connected!

    One Project DEFINITELY Helps Another!!


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