• CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Our Last Night in Monrovia

         "I would like to propose a toast."

    Shane lifts his glass and hold Dexter's gaze over candlelight.  The two men are having a romantic dinner in Dexter's office.
         "To going home and starting a new life together.  To a new America...a new world. Dexter, you paved a road to a new life for millions of people."
         "I just thankful that road brought me to you."

    Shane blushes and smiles. Dexter leans in and they share a kiss. Shane, feeling a little lightheaded from the kiss, continues,
         "Wow. Tonight is our last night. Hard to believe we've been here 4 years. This place has become our home."
         "Feels that way, huh? Liberia...a free nation. Made of freed men from who came home from America."
         "You're sounding like you want to stay."
    Dexter takes a long look at Shane and then answers,
         "I am home, where ever you are."
         "Oh wow...right...the HU Pirates."
         "Yessir! A might better than being a HU Bison."
         "Honey Howard, The FIRST HU."
         "Baby Hampton, The REAL HU."
         "Name someone other than yo'self who went to Hampton?
    Dexter gets quiet and smiles.
         "See...and then you flash that dimple and I'm all, "Go Pirates"

    They guys giggle playfully and kiss again. Shane cups Dexter's face and whispers,
         "I don't care where we go. I just...I just wanna be with you."
         "I love you Shane."
         "I love you too Dex."

    There is a knock at the door. The two men sigh and look at the door.  Shane suggest to Dexter,
         "We don't have to answer it. We can pretend we're not home."
    The voice from the other side of the door speaks.
         "I saw the lights on guys. I know you're in there."
         "Nobody's home."
         "Come on guys. Let me in and talk to you before they round us up and ship us out."

    Dexter gets up and opens his door. It's Dr. Mackie. He's a lot more relaxed than usual as it's clear he's been drinking and celebrating,
         "Hey fellas. I just wanted to come by and say it has been a pleasure working by your sides...both of you."
    Dexter smiles and warms to Dr. Mackie,
         "Come on in Dr. Mackie."
    Steven walks into Dexter's office.
         "Thank you. I don't to interrupt or anything...don't want to stay long."
         "It's ok, Steven. What can we do for you?"
         "I wanted to give you a parting gift...a little something as a thank you."
         "Thank you...for...?"
    Steven hands both men an large envelope with their names on them.
         "What is this?"
    As Dexter ask the question, Steven answers and Shane opens his envelop,
         "It's my personal gift to you."
    Shane pulls out his papers and reads the cover page of the report,
         "It's our DNA report? You ran our DNA?"
         "In setting up the coast and all the DNA banks, my team had access to blood work and DNA of all the troops on this assignment. Now, everyone else will have to go through the proper channels to get their OTP..."
         "Original Tribal Profile."

    Dexter and Shane are a bit stunned and look at Steven and then each other, jaws dropped. Dexter speaks first,
         "Original. Tribal. Profile."
         "Wow...I can't tell how that sounds yet..."
         "Fellas, this is going to be crucial information when the Sankofa kicks off.  I just wanted to give you a head start."

    The room is silent...awkward looks bounce around the room between the men.
         "Ok. Well...I just wanted to say thank you and wish you guys well. Hope the wedding is..."
    Dexter and Shane both look at Steven,
         "Oh yeah...everyone knows. Was it suppose to be a secret?"
    Dexter slightly shakes his head.
         "I guess not. Clearly nothing around here is."
         "Well, all the best. I know we didn't get off to the best start but I'd like to think we did some great and important work here together.
    Steven lingers,
         "...not that I'm looking to invite myself to your wedding...but..."
    Dexter and Shane just watch Steven as he struggles and continues with his statement,
         "...I'd...well...I'd like to be there in celebration of your union."
    The guys are quiet for a moment and then Dexter give a slight chuckle,
         "Aight Steven. You'll certainly get an invitation to the wedding."
         "Yes, we still need a flower girl."
    Dexter suppresses laughter by flashing Shane an approving smile. The joke isn't lost on Steven,
         "Cute...that's funny."
         "Don't mind Shane...of course, Steven. We'd love to have you there. And thank you."
    Steven shake hands with both men and leaves the office.

         "I'm serious about the flower girl. Honey, he looks like he could walk an aisle and shake loose a petal or two."
    The two men laugh and embrace. Shane continues,
         "I can't wait to marry you and live our lives and grow old together."
         "Sounds nice."

    Their kisses are interrupted again by another knock at the door. Dexter says out of frustration,
         "Oh my goodness! Really?! We've been here 4 years and I've not had this many people in my office..."

    Dexter opens the door and standing in the doorway are three members of the USA Corp security.
         "Major Dexter Dracel?"
         "We are here to inform you of your flights have been arranged for tomorrow."
         "Flights? We're leaving on the same flight out in the morning."
         "No sir. The USA Corp is sending a fleet of custom luxury airliners to take everyone home. The USAC would like to extend this gift to all the men and women who built this highway."
         "Wow Dex, close the door. Let's see if someone else comes up and knock on the door bearing gifts."
         "Major Dracel, your flight will leave at..."
         "Excuse me...ok...here again, you're speaking about separate flights. I want you to go to your boss or leader or whoever is it you work for and tell them we are flying home together."
         "Sgt. Baker will follow shortly behind."
         "No, he won't."
         "Sir, we have orders..."
         "From a General?"
         "No sir."
         "From a Major General?"
         "From a Colonel?"
         "...another Major?"
         "No. Sir."
         "Then you have a REQUEST from a civilian. I do not take orders from a civilian. You go back and tell your 'boss' that Sgt. Baker and I will be flying back on the same flight at..."
         "Yes sir."

    Dexter shuts the door in the young man's face. He stands facing the door for a moment and turns to find Shane smiling, beaming with pride at Dexter.
         "What is it? What is that look?"
         "You. Reminds me of the day in the conference room when you and the flower girl got into it. SO sexy..."
    They share a sweet chuckle. Dexter looks Shane deep into his eyes,
         "I'm never leaving you."
         "I'll be right by your side too."
         "Good. Thank you."
    The two men kiss.

    The kiss is interrupted by Dexter's desk phone ringing.

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    1. 16 Chapters in and I'm so cheering for Dexter and Shane but I feel like my heart is going to be broken. Please don't make me cry!! I just love these two and this chapter really makes it seem like Dexter is ready to shout from the rooftop that he is committed to Shane. Don't make me cry... The suspense is killing me!


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