• Some of the Comments for "Master Piece" THANK YOU ALL!!! #CanonPI10 #MasterPiece

    "Master Piece" is about a man's struggle with the 100 year monster he has created. Los Angeles hotel room,1915, a necktie can feel like a noose.

    What people are saying: 
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    "I watched it. I LOVED it! It still amazes me after being on a few sets now how all the bits and pieces become real in the end. I hope the judges are able to see how much you studied D.W. Griffith and took such great care to make him not the monster he is always portrayed to be. Red Summer and Patrick Duffy made a good match and did a fantastic job in my opinion. Kudos to you!"
    -Tia W.

    "Most people I know have never even heard of "Birth of a Nation" but I was introduced to it during my senior year in high school so your film caught me completely off guard in a good way! I just watched it again and I'm just in awe... Not trying to be a sycophant in any way but your film is quite possibly one of the greatest short films I have ever seen!"
    -Melissa T.

    "Finally watched Master Piece... Wow, wow...! Beautiful work my friend! So weird, my younger son came downstairs two nights ago and showed me two e mails he got from the KKK...!! Horrible and so full of hate. He was so disturbed about getting them and didn't know why... Still??! In 2013????! Thank you for making this film. Xoxox"
    -Jane L.

    "Wow!! This film is awesome. The celebrity directors will be hard put to top this IMHO. The writing is superb as is the acting."
    -David S.

    "Thus is a great film. Much blessings to Diva Blue Productions. Success is on the way."
    -Shannette S.

    Absolutely loved each minute of this! Great work Teresa!"
    -Tajir H.

    "Loved every bit of this film. Gave me chills and filled me with an unlimited amount of inspiration."
    -Dartanya C.

    "I love it. Beautiful colors, great camera work, and wonderful performances by both actors. "I MAKE MOVIES" "YOU MAKE HISTORY" We can all agree."
    -Guillermo J.

    "I'm in awe...this film is so necessary!"
    -Melissa T.

    "An amazing film that says SOOOOO much that SOOOOO many need to hear. It's a response to the foolish statement "It's just entertainment." I'm glad to have seen this!"
    -Darnell W.

    "excellent writing!!!! agree with Guillermo 100%"
    -Cy D.

    "Wow is all I could say. I'm waiting to see the entire film. This looks like it would make a awesome film. The directors would be fools not to pick this up."
    -Tamika M.

    "Simply remarkable!" That's all I have to say."
    -A. Kenyatta P.

    "Brilliant! The layers of this piece, beginning from the very title, continue to speak long after the movie stops."
    -Stacy W.

    "An absolute Masterpiece! powerful, gripping. Story telling at it's best! I'm speechless. Definitely sharing this across social media nation. Can't wait for the entire film. My congrats, blessings, and continued success for you!"
    -Nicole L.

    "Wooooooow!!! Ok 1st of all, I flipped when I realized the titled was 2 words & not 1. Genius!!! And then...I just loved it!! Hooded heroes? That conversation was everything!! And his struggle with that doggone tie like their...internal struggles...I need to know what happens next!!!"
    -Adriene A.

    "This was fantastic, incredibly powerful and thought provoking. What impressed me the most though was Red, she absolutely killed it"
    -Michael B.

    "Truly love it! I'm a fan of Red Summer and Teresa's works so great to see this project...I was taken back at the end when I realized that Red's character was in his mind. I love it!! Awesome! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!!!"
    -Kenya B.

    "Really beautiful work here. The pacing is super! The tension is real. Very impressive!"
    -Lisa C.

    "Amazing and powerful work...leaves me wanting to say thank you for telling this story, a rich perspective."
    -Latonja F.

    "I'm no film critic or film maker, I just like what I like and I LOVE this!!! The look is authentic; truly felt like this was taking place in 1915. That tie was giving both of them a fit, but it is a great distraction to what is truly going on. The woman has a Rosa Parks elegance and she speaks volumes with very few words. Again, I LOVE it and THIS is winner!!!"
    -Char Walker Y.

    "This was so well done."
    -Jay B.

    "INTENSE WITH VERY FEW WORDS SPOKEN. There was some sort of pain that I sensed even from the beginning. POWERFUL. I am in awe. This is great."
    -Queenie G.

    "Left me speechless. Brilliant and intense. Just wow."
    -Phoebe T.

    "Watched it three times and at the end of each viewing I was left wanting more. I wanted to see what happened next. Intriguing! I want more of this story! Excellent job!
    -Liisa F.

    "the emotion in this scene. i like the subtle intensity of the dialogue. great acting."
    -Marian A.

    "Thank you for sharing this with the world. The quality is amazing...the writing is soooo unique-I LOVE IT! The acting is awesome and it truly allows me to attend through the entire film waiting for the next piece of dialogue and the ability to piece together the story of what is going on. Again, thank you for sharing."
    -Bka B.

    "What I love about this was its creativity, dialogue, powerful and emotion filled camera angles. It left me thinking about this all day, wondering who that woman was and what she represented. Very Very clever. So I send you good JuJu vibes to win not only the Project Imagination contest, but Sundance as well. An Amazing Short..."
    -Michelle A.

    "Thank everyone for the support, well wishes and compliments. We appreciate it. TDV created an excellent project and it was an honor to help bring it to life."
    -Red S.

    "Bold statement about the impact that "art" has on life/history/culture...an impact that the folks playing the fool on reality television don't seem to understand. What's particularly powerful about the film is the dynamic between the man and the woman. There's a lot that's suggested about their relationship through their exchange. It certainly felt reminiscent of Sally Hemings/Thomas Jefferson and also brought to mind the fictional characters Fitzgerald Grant and Olivia Pope...to me at least. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Scenery and costumes were great for this period piece."
    -Susan H.

    "Strong piece that is beautifully written, directed, and acted. It speaks volumes given the inspiration of the film."
    -Terrisa F.

    "Very powerful piece...grgeously written, directed..."
    -Poet K.

    "Amazing work but I don't expect anything less from TDV and Red Summer... :)"
    -Krystal M.

    "Left me wanting to see more! Excellent job."
    -Suzanne M.

    "The story takes you through a journey that has a beautiful and powerful feeling to it. As one of the91 photographers would you mind sharing which photographs you used with this beautiful film? Great work!"
    -Susan C.

    "Powerful especially the tie scene when Red untied the tie. You are brilliant!"
    -Di T.

    "Deep. That's how you capture an audience. I was interested all the through."
    -Robert M.

    "Well done! It left me wanting to know the rest of the story TDV your work is amazing."
    -Trina M.

    "Really love this! "I make movies" "You make history" So right on! I'm always leary of allowing hollywood an exalted idea of themselves but this speaks to the power and therefore the RESPONSIBILITY of those who "make movies". Well done!"
    -Margit E.


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