• Because 2014 is coming...Regardless.

    Up all night for a cause every night cause if I don't it won't get done for me. This is the motto of every hustler making their dreams come true.  I do love to sleep...I just don't get much of it.  2013 has been a test of my heart: ups and downs with "Genesis"; the completion of TWO films ("Shirts vs. Skins" and "Master Piece") and publishing my first novel, Passage Home.
    I quit smoking.
    I fell in love and became engaged.
    I watched My Mini suffer and heal after brain surgery.
    I cussed a lot.
    I smiled a lot.
    I learned a lot.
    I know what I'm made of.
    I know it's all about to change.
    It's written.
    It's all ready done.
    2014 is coming...regardless.
    I don't sleep...
    so clearly I won't have time for bullsh!t.
    Not even from myself.


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