• Mother Dies; Her Children Didn't KNOW To Dial "9" to Get an Outside Line Before Dialing "911" in Hotel Room - Sign Petition For Change (AUDIO)

    Imagine being in a hotel room, with your small child/children, and in a moment of crisis, your child has the responsibility of calling 911...BUT because of the way the phone line is set up, you have to dial 9 and then 911. If you've taught your child to dial 911 in the event of an emergency, they will have NO reason to KNOW to dial 9 first.

    On December 1...just 17 days ago...Kari Rene Hunt was murdered in front of her 3 children, all under the age of 10, in her hotel room by her husband. In an effort to save their mother's life, the children attempted to call 911, but did not know they needed to dial 9 for an outside line first. Dr. Annise Mabry and Michelle Alexander are talking to Kari's sister, Loni Faye Jeschke, about her petition to require all hotels and motels to reserve "9" for emergency calls.

    PLEASE do the following:
    1.) SIGN this petition to get this in front of Congress:https://www.change.org/petitions/louie-gohmert-united-states-congress-require-all-hotel-and-motel-operators-to-change-the-telephone-system-that-would-require-anyone-desiring-an-outside-line-to-dial-an-8-first-freeing-up-the-number-9-for-dialing-911-emergency-numbers

    2.) LISTEN to this show and LISTEN to Loni Faye talk about the ways we can support her, her family, and this campaign for change.

    3.) SHARE this story with as many people as you can to help get the word out about this needed new legislation.

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