• Atlanta Snow Storm 2014 is No Joke (PHOTOS)

    I awoke to news of people, in the hundreds of thousands, still stranded on the icy/snowy highways of Atlanta. Praying for everyone...please keep warm and be safe.

    Those who are laughing and making jokes about ATL and how two inches of snow can shut a place down...stop. Some perspective: in the entire two years I lived there, I saw not one flake of snow. This isn't a city used to getting this type of weather and so investing millions of dollars in equipment that will sit for years without use makes no sense...until you need it, like now. When the weather comes, it's easy to look to the city's infrastructure and say, "It's a shame you don't have salt, sand and a fleet of ice trucks to handle two inches of snow," just like it would be easy to say, "Atlanta ain't doin' sh!t with all that money they spent on them trucks for snow and ice, they never get!" Yeah, it's bad...this scene in Atlanta is bad...which is an understatement...but those on the outside looking in are in not position to kick folk while they're down.

    So...to the voices I hear all around (most ironically DC, NYC and all of the people who were earthquake ready a few years back...

    or the people in warmer states out west who barely know what to do when it rains much less if two inches of snow hit the ground)...

    ...give it a rest. There are people's loved ones out there. There are children stranded in schools (imagine you gotta spend YOUR snow day AT school. Wait for your text from Macklemore in 5...4...3...2...).

    There are kids who spent the night alone at home last night because their parents were stuck in this grand mess on the highways.

    Cut them some slack.

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