• 23 Down. 976 To Go! What Readers Are Saying About "Passage Home" (PHOTOS) #America #justice #reviews #Oprah #WhoopiGoldberg #POTUS #BarackObama

    NO Blacks. NO Immigrants.  No Cash.
    America...in 2019.

    Oprah, Whoopi, and the President have my book. DO YOU?!

    Comments from recent readers:

    John H. Gordon (New York, NY): "Read it on the plane cover to cover, couldn't stop. You hooked me in, even though I had a pretty good idea of what was going to happen, it was the HOW that I was intrigued to know. Extremely interesting premis/storyline. I liked how the entire family was roped into it, unwittingly. I know this was meant to be a short story but I hope you make it bigger...I really hope you make it a movie. It reads like a film. It's visual. It's suspenseful, mysterious, dramatic. If not a movie, pls make it a full-fledged novel...black fiction almost sci fi. Badass smart strong multi dimensional fallible vulnerable black people in the future. Not enough of that in fiction shelves today. Ok that's my 2cents. Congrats to you." 

    Dred Carpenter (Atlanta, GA): "6am and still up reading Passage Home. My God woman!... I had to force myself to put it down and come over here and SLAP YOU! This is beyond good... it's captivating, it's clever, it's creative... it's just too many damn things! Ok, back to the book. Lawd have mercy I need to go to bed. ... As I read closer and closer to the end I read slower and slower wanting it to never end lol. I'm excited about the next one. I can't wait. You got me all twisted up in the game with this one. lol... that damn Jamison!"

    Goal: Sell 999 by the end of the Year!
     23 DOWN...976 TO GO!

    Diva Blue Publications is going to achieve a mighty goal: We are going to sell 999 copies of "Passage Home" in the remaining days of 2014! Using the hashtag #999PassageHome, tell everyone you know by sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to buy a copy of the book or to download the eBook. Click this link to buy your book, show your support and watch as the Diva Blue mercury rises!!


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