• We Forgot How To Be Fearless. Be Vulnerable! #TED #BreneBrown

    I want to thank my friend Lynn McKenzie for bringing this video...this message...to my attention. It is ok to be vulnerable. It is ok to be uncertain and open. We fear what we don't know because we aim to be "in control". I am a card carrying control freak who fail to realize until now that I've been "in control" of very little in my adult life. I suspect I own more control over my life as a child than  as an adult. We were fearless as children. We ran and played and didn't worry about falling. If we fell, we hurt for a moment but if you were like me, you reveled at picking the scab that formed over your wound. Now, we don't play! We are so careful and cautious and we forgot how great it felt to be fearless. We can be...fearless.


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