• My Personal Month of Thanks: TDV's 10 Goals for #November 2014 #NanoWriMo #Blackboard #PassageHome #Genesis #PGCC

    10 Goals for November 2014:

    #1: Find out what's going on with my health. Second round of test results came back this morning. Time to get back to good health and wellness.

    #2: Repair relationship with my dad. We haven't been in a good place since I got engaged and it got worse when I got married. He's my guy and you only get one dad so gotta fix that...or at least try.

    #3: Finish "Genesis" for #NaNoWriMo. Finished a 40 chapter outline. Let's go! If you're writing for @NaNoWriMo, become my Writing Buddy

    #4: Successfully find a literary agent.

    #5: Clean our office/studio (It's been the catch all space since I moved to DC).

    #6: Get to Houston for Thanksgiving and get through Thanksgiving without gaining 100lbs.

    #7: Figure out Blackboard and Get through PGCC Speech 1010 Assessments (Don't ask.)

    #8:  Sell 200 downloads or copies of "Passage Home". Why wait? Buy your copy NOW!

    #9: Streamline my social media and figure out a plan to use it more wisely.

    #10: Finish "Genesis" for #NaNoWriMo. It's worth repeating.

    What are YOUR goals for November 2014? 


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