• #BlackMessiah!! Last Year: #Beyonce. This Year: #DAngelo! Tis the Season of the One Name Wonders and Their Twitter-Breaking Album Drops! (ALBUM)

    Do you SEE this look on his face?! 

    D'Angelo knows EXACTLY what he's doing!!  Wake up your soul spirit!! D'Angelo has a delivery...and messin' 'round with this here music...MUSIC...so will a bunch of couples with new babies in about nine months with "Really Love"!!  Either that or it'll have you out in the streets marchin' and protestin' with "1000 Deaths".  Come on D!! It's 2:37am and I'm SUPPOSE to be either sleep or finishing my PhD application to American University that's due tomorrow...I mean today! AND I'M IN HERE FUCKIN' 'ROUND WITH THE BLACK MESSIAH!!! YESSIR!!!

    It's been nearly a decade and a half since this fellow Virginian laid down his "Voodoo." We've been waiting for this brotha to give us the soul music we crave...the soul music we've lost (Thank you John Legend and Anthony Hamilton for doin' what you could to stave off the Bieberitits of the music industry).

    The marches need this. The protests need this.  The SOUL of Black People is calling for this...the Black Messiah is here. Take a listen...and feed!


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