• To #MyWife, Thank you for helping me prepare for my #IgniteTalk...

    To #MyWife, Thank you for helping me prepare for my #IgniteTalk at the Lesbians Who Tech (@LesbianTech) Summit this Friday in San Francisco. We’ll be on opposite ends of the country but you are always in my corner and that will give me confidence and comfort. You reminded me last night that I’ve spent 21 years teaching Public Speaking and that at one point…20 years ago…I was a nationally ranked public speaker for James Madison University. Welp…teaching it and doing it…and doing it NOW…is a totally different ball game. You calmed my nerves last night and gave the teacher the greatest care and encouragement.

    Teachers usually get apples from their favorite students. You stepped up as my teacher last night, guiding me through to what I know will be a successful experience. From your student…you are my Strawberry Crush with Strawberry Kisses.

    I love you. T

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