• Chapter 3: Keys to the Kingdom (AUDIO) via #SoundCloud

    Charlottesville, Virginia.


    Franklin and Jillian are watching the news together.  They are a young African American couple in their mid-30s.  Their 8 year old son is laying on the love seat under a throw blanket, asleep.

    Jenny Cox, the newscaster, continues...

       "We are now going to send it to Maxwell Dodson and Gibson Jordan in Washington, D.C., at the White House.  Let's check in with Maxwell first, who's standing outside the White House.  Maxwell, tell us about the activity out there where you are."
         "Well, Jenny, scene out here depicts a great many reactions. There are some supporters of the restoration act, but are just as many if not more protesters.  And it should come as no surprise that most of the protesters are Hispanic.  As we've seen in all of the protest to this act in the last year, the Latino community is concerned that this new act will prevent immigrants from coming to this country. The new "points" system replacing our currency will force everyone to prove citizenship and there are many people who will not be able to do that."

    Jenny, trying to speak over the protest in the background, ask Maxwell,
         "How, exactly, will this new point system prevent immigration?"
    Maxwell replies,
         "Every American citizen with a legit social security number will be issued a new federally issued account number. This number will replace your social security number."
         "REPLACE my social security number?"
         "Yes, the social security number...and program...are being integrated into this new system. During the first stage of the new system, no new federally issued account numbers will be issued to anyone not a current citizen. This account number will have your total points earned and spent at all times. We are told that all the details of the new point system will be disclosed at the press conference set to take place momentarily so we're going to hold off on speculating any further details. Essentially,the new points system, to be introduced publicly within the next hour, will prohibit anyone who is not an US citizen from purchasing goods or pay expenses. The protests will continue well into the night and for many days hereafter, I'm sure."

    Franklin and Jillian are watching, stunned.  Jillian looks at Franklin, unsure of what to make of this news,
         "Frank, they just sealed the borders.  These people have just rewritten the US Constitution."
         "And made a liar of the Statue of Liberty."
    They continue watching the news.
         "This is Gibson Jordan, reporting from the White House Press room.  The president will be joining us shortly and explaining the new currency system and make clear all our questions.  In a rare sharing of the executive podium, a representative of the USA Corporation will help the president explain how the new system will work.  We understand the representative is Jamison Dracel, Vice President of Public Relations for the company, and he will help explain the new currency of the United States and the means by which it will be administered to the public.  We're not certain how Mr. Dracel or the USA Corp fits into all of this, but we will soon.  Again, the president is just moments away from addressing us all."

    Franklin and Jillian are stunned, mouth agape.  Jillian looks at Franklin,
         "Well...there's your brother.  I guess your family hasn't heard from him because...well...he's been busy."
         "Yeah...I should say so. Jamie, what are you doing?"


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