• Bless Her Heart...The White Lady Who Tried To Guess My Age...and Hurt Her Own Feelings.

    I think I just ruined this lady's day.

    Monday, a fellow teacher, a white woman, walked into the faculty lounge and told me how a friend got her up out of bed and to the gym at 5:30am. She wasn't impressed with the experience but said she'd do it again to see if it sticks.

    Today, she came in and I asked if she made it to the gym today. She laughed and said, "No...I simply don't have the energy for that. I'm not energetic like you young folk. If I walk in the door here, it's a good day." I chuckled along and agreed, "I know what you mean." She said, "Oh...you're too young to know what I mean. You young people..." and she went on with her monlogue of how "old and tired" she is and her life is just fine without the 5am gym (with which I totally concur...I simply GIVE LA Fitness money these days, but I've digressed).

    Her speech was filled with "young people like you" and "you young people" to the point where I had two questions: How old is SHE?! and How old does she think I am?

    Finally after one last "young people" I said, under a polite chuckle, "Well, I get what you're saying...I think we're about the same age so I can attest to your feelings about the gym. Bones creeking and popping..." She swiveled her chair around and spun her head damn near off to say, "Ummmm...no ma'am. You're a young one...much younger than me."

    Now...I wouldn't have asked but she was SO sure of herself that it left me curious, "How old do you think I am?" She said, "I'd say you're a good ten years younger than me...about 27...28." I did a slow blink and a slight cock of the head because she didn't look 37 to me AND if I reveal my actual age, I will basically tell her she looks damn near 45! I, again...politely...said, "Well...no...I'm not 28...haven't been for a while, but thank you."

    She's all Sherlock Holmes all of a sudden and tries GUESSING my age! I sat quietly as she assumed my professional experience based on this being the first semester she's seen me in the lounge...assuming life experience based on me being married a year...and making all guessing factors relative to her, HER age and the fact that I said we were about the same age, she never climbed over 32. I tried to change the subject and move on.

    Now she's a dog with a bone and won't leave well enough alone, "Well...how old are you?! I'm 36..."


    I ripped the bandage off...

    "I'm 43."

    ...and watched as her whole entire face dropped and sagged.

    Quiet for what felt like a lunch hour, she said...in a slight whisper, "Oh...Well...ok." 

    I left. The sadness and quiet was too awkward.

    *shoulder shrug*

    Ok...I think Pharrell takes it to a whole other level...


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