• That Morning When I Unexpectedly Ran Into My Wife...At The Bus Stop

    This morning, I ran into my wife at the bus stop.

    She leaves the house before me in the morning and usually take a different bus to work: the X1 to Foggy Bottom. Today, she decided to take a different route to work...my route. I was genuinely surprised and a bit breath taken when I saw her waiting at my stop for the X8 bus to Union Station. I experienced a jolt of joy seeing her standing there.  There was a perfect goodness and a permitted flirtation in saying "good morning" to this beautiful familiar stranger wife of mine.  I took great pleasure in greeting her with a smile though I had just seen her 15 minutes prior. It was amazing how a simple act of an unexpected encounter made my wife brand new. 

    I love those moments...with her.

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