• All The Ways A Professor Says 'No.' At The End Of The Semester [PHOTOS]

    No. I am NOT offering extra credit. Let's look at the word EXTRA. EXTRA would imply in addition to ALL. If you satisfy ALL the assignments for ALL the credit, you may be eligible for EXTRA credit. What you are looking for is SECOND CHANCE credit. We don't have any of that.

    No. I am not interested in reading a "special paper" you wrote in the hopes of bringing your grade up when you didn't do half the work assigned in the first place.

    No. You can not take a quiz now you didn't take weeks ago.


    No. I will not round your 87 to a 90 so you can maintain a 4.0...and no, I don't care if your mama calls me.

    No. I will not round your 57 to a 60 so you can pass the class...and no, I don't care if your mama calls me.

    No. I didn't know your maternal grandmother died in September and your paternal grandmother died over Thanksgiving. We don't just give out "A's" for death(s).

    No. I'm not a "cold harded" bitch. That sounds like a process...

    No. I won't teaching this same course in the spring...well, not for you again. Once was enough.



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