• My Favorite 10.5 #EXO’s Winter songs

    Here’s a list of my favorite set of winter songs from my favorite KPop group, EXO. What are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

    10.5.) The Star 
    I love watching EXO perform this in their Exo’luxion concert...fly! 

    10.) GirlxFriend
    It took me a while to get it into this song. It's certainly one of EXO’s underrated grooves. 

    9.) Sing for You
    Because Sehun...bless his heart...works that one for everything he has. lol Watching him sing it live, you’d think he was the lead vocal on that ONE line! Awesome.

    8.) Falling For You
    It's simple and sweet...love it

    7.) Winter Heat
    It can be July and I’ll rock this catchy tune.

    6.) Twenty Four
    Honey! The underutilized crew shines! Xiumen and Kai in particular...yo!! “What is this?!” YES!

    5.) Christmas Day
    This song could play in the same holiday rotation as Boyz II Men “Let It Snow”

    4.) What I Want For Christmas
    Same reason as 5, plus, Suho’s voice surprisingly outshines the other 'power' voices which is SO hard

    3.) My Turn To Cry
    The arrangement at the bridge...wow!

    2.) Universe
    Because they ALL get a moment to shine and the video feels like a fitting tribute to Kim Jonghyun, even if he passed after the video was shot.

    1.) Miracles in December
    Because EXO’s vocal line is stellar. Period! 

    That's it! What say you?!

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