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    For my Mama…

    I’m a Virginian
    who lives in New York.

    I’m an African
    who lives in America.

    I’m an Earth alien
    who lives in a universe
    not big enough for my heart.

    I am a seed,
    planted to grow
    and bloom
    watered by God.
    My mother carried the seed
My father fertilized the seed
    and a heartbeat was heard.

    And on the blind side of my eye
    I saw love
    and it was good.
    I grew into an artist
    who best understood myself
    and I imposed myself on others.

    I am a woman
    who kissed another
    and thought it was true.

    I am a soul
    cased tightly into a body
    long mistreated…
    and still I live here.
    Do you understand?
    And still I live here.

    From "Hot Sauce & Honey"

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    Location:New York, NY


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