• How I Love To Be Black

    How I love being black.
    Replacing hard picked cotton
    with soft, billowy clouds.
    Floating in my sky
    filling up my eyes
    with tears.
    Diamonds fall
    stars shoot
    no crime on the street that fall
    shoot and I fall
    cat like on my feet.
    How I love being Black.

    Ask Bill Bo Steppin’ Hattie Ethel Paul Bert Lena Dorothy Pearl Sidney Harry Ozzie and Ruby
    And they will all tell you
    How I love to be black.

    River to Road.
    I carry the load
    on into the next one thousand struggles
    and satisfactions.

    How I love to be black.
    I love being me.
    Black as I want to be.

    February 10, 1998
    Covesville, VA

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    Location:Covesville, VA


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