• The Box 69: PACIFIC BLUE

    Color: Pacific Blue
    March 31, 2011
    Song: "Home" Stephanie Mills

    Everything's working as planned.
    Everything is as it should be.
    Life's funny that way...
    Missteps corrected,
    Correct steps aligned
    On the path
    And illuminated.

    The plan hasn't changed...
    It just changed locations.

    February 15,
    I left Los Angeles
    But not for Atlanta...
    As planned...
    But for Catalina Island...
    As needed.
    I originally thought
    A new start
    Rested in 30102
    But it's still in 91406.
    I listened to my heart.
    I looked at my blessings.
    I returned to LA
    From the small island
    About a hour's boat ride off California's coast.
    I returned
    And moved home.
    The home I made my own.

    February 11
    The bittersweet mahogany blues
    On repeat
    As planned
    On time
    Love's expiration date came
    And with an echo.
    Amplified in an underground resonator
    The truth had a boom to it
    The end had the thump and bass
    In the bottom of the rooftop
    Red Violet's band unplugged
    Packed up their passion.
    The limited engagement was over.
    Another gig awaits.
    They played a lovely set.
    Full body sultry groove...
    Fade out...
    I lifted the skipping needles
    Let the silence fill the void
    And embraced the calm solitude.

    February 22
    I was due to arrive in Atlanta.
    On February 22,
    I began a new semester
    At the school where I have taught for the last 5 and a half years...
    The place where 11 days earlier on Febraury 11,
    I was scheduled to resign.
    Leave behind the babies
    and find new loves.
    The hallways full of glee
    I could live with...
    The leaving love...
    I couldn't.
    I didn't.
    Two ones became two twos
    And I am still


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