• The Box 69: PURPLE HEART

    Color: Purple Heart
    July 7, 2001
    Song: "Ordinary Pain" Stevie Wonder


    My tears brew my tea
    To a dark natural sweetness.
    In my favorite mug
    From a long ago love
    For whom
    I’ve had enough tea.

    I want something else to drink.
    Less bitter
    No matter how sweet.
    There is
    no lemon
    no mint
    no spice
    to make me tingle.
    Recycled tea
    Drink and brew.
    Drink and brew.
    Want to drink something new.

    Maybe something carbonated
    Tiggle my nose.
    Fun and exciting
    Playing wild in summer.

    Maybe something intoxicating
    Takes me
    Drinks me back
    In a fancy glass.
    Strong on the way down
    But brings me high.

    I enjoy tea from
    Time to time
    But it’s all I seem to drink these days.
    I don’t want any more tea.
    Don’t want no more tea.
    It’s a lonely drink.

    Don’t understand why the English love this shit.
    Drink it every damn day!
    The Asians have the right idea…
    Small cups.
    Savor the body
    And boldness
    Of the brew.

    So damn arrogant!
    We drink the shit by the mugful!
    We find the largest bowl
    Fill it with our sorrows
    Stare at ourselves
    In our personal reflecting pools
    In the tea puddle
    In our warm hands.

    Self brew.
    No sun.
    No ice.
    No sugar
    Or honey
    Or anything that makes it
    Just my own blend of tea.

    I go
    And have more tea.
    Can be soothing.
    Can be comforting
    Can be hot
    Can burn.
    Can be ice cold
    And bitter
    Or sweet
    I keeping tasting.
    Sipping love...
    Is of my own doing.


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