• To Russia...with Love.

    So...anyone who blogs or uses YouTube with any frequency has the ability to keep an eye on their audience...who's reading or watching with any sort of regularity so you can make sure you are giving your target demographic what they want. Well, lately, I've noticed that the lovely people of Russia have been reading my blog with growing popularity and I want to say thank you...and WHERE THE HELL Y'ALL COME FROM?! LOL! I'd love to know from my beloved friends in Europe, what's of interest to you and what would you like to see more of from me. I think it's great that the United States, Canada, and BERMUDA show up in their supportive numbers (HEY BERMY QUEENS!!) but in the last 30 days, Russia was number 2, only behind the US. In the last week, Russia actually eclipsed my home country, reading my blog in higher numbers than my fellow Americans. Hmmmm...

    So...what does it all mean? ::shrugs shoulders:: I don't know. I love anyone who makes the choice to come see what I'm ramblin' or fussin' about...and as they LOVE to say at the end of the six o'clock news these days, I know you have many choices...I'm glad you chose me.

    To Russia...with Love...and Gratitude. I'm going to work hard to keep the words flowin'!



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