• Just as we have "Throwback Thursday", I'd like to propose "Good News Tuesday".

    Just as we have "Throwback Thursday", I'd like to propose "Good News Tuesday".

    "Good News Tuesday" is ONE day where...

    there isn't news of a child beaten to death,

    there isn't news of a person beaten/killed because of race, sexual orientation, religion,

    there are no photos of ratchet behavior from people who are becoming "Facebook famous", "World Star Hip Hop Wonderful" or internet infamous in general,

    there are no status updates complaining
    of "ex's who don't get it how you love (ummm...they're ex's...does it matter?)",
    how you hate your job,
    how you hate your school,
    how you hate Republicans,
    how you hate Democrats,
    how you hate Independents for messin' up everything for everybody,
    complaining that "Scandal" doesn't come on every Thursday (ok...wait...nevermind...moving on).

    Sure, the 1st Amendment allows us the freedom to speak our minds...to speak our hearts...at every turn but can we have ONE DAY where the thing we choose is, at least, positive?

    Too much to ask?
    Carry on...


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