• Makes you miss earthquakes...running from a tornado!

    SEE!!! CRAZY TOWN!!! I RAN FROM A DAMN TORNADO LAST NIGHT! It just didn't funnel down to the ground! CRAZY TOWN!! OK so last night, decided to go to the gym. I had just had a conversation with Red Summer and thought maybe I should just go home. It was rainy and maybe swimming wouldn't be a good idea, but I needed the stress release after sitting on the freeway for two hours and missing my class. She said, "Girl, go do your laps." That was all the "co-sign" I needed. Pulled up in the parking spot, turned the car off...and just as I turned the key, an alarm sounded. I didn't know if it was coming from inside the building  or from across the street because the siren had this "revolving" sound to it. My head was down as I was reaching for my gym back and settling my belongings to get out of the car when I realized it was getting darker and darker and FAST.  It was as though someone took a giant blanket and was pulling it over the parking lot. I looked up and saw a man telling his son to run!! They were running for their vehicle. I look to my right and the row of trees were starting to blow in a single direction...and continued to blow in a single direction to the point it looked as though they were bending...as if someone was actually pushing them down.

    OK...now...have you ever a moment in your life...lol...when you found yourself running in a circle...I mean literally RUNNING IN A CIRCLE...because you didn't know WHAT to do?! THAT WAS ME!! When I saw all this going down, I did the following:
    1.) I sat there for 1.2 seconds watchin' them damn TREES!
    2.) I stepped out of the car only to get a face full of rain and wind.
    3.) I got back in the car, eyes still on the trees that are now clearing being "pressed down".
    4.) Look up to see the sky turn GREEN!
    5.) Jump out of the car thinking I'm going to run for the door.
    6.) Get back in the car because getting out was dumb!
    7.) Realize I'm in a car and if it IS a tornado, sittin' in the car is even DUMBER...AND...I'm parked next to one of the brick walls so the brick will fall on my car! RUN!
    8.) I jumped out of the car and started to run but thought, "GRAB MY GYM BAG!!" Ok...I don't know why...but it seemed necessary at the time.
    9.) I ran back to the car and COULD NOT UNLOCK THE CAR!! THE DAMN BUTTON WOULDN'T WORK!! It finally popped. I grabbed my bag...and then THE DAMN BUTTON WOULDN'T WORK AGAIN AND I COULD LOCK MY DOOR! Said fuck it and ran.
    10.) Ran as hard as I could for the front door. Another woman was running with me. Now, this lady was cut and in shape and I was out running her ass! That fright or flight picked my ass up and was GON'!!

    As we were running for the doors, I could see all the people inside the gym leaving their workout and running for the front door. Two guys swung the doors open and started yelling for us to run and get inside. A third guy was running for the doors from a different direction and the three of us collided into each other, trying to get into the door. One of the guys holding the doors open for us then closed the doors and locked one of them to keep it from blowing open.

    The people standing in the lobby were talking about "Woooow...did y'all see that?! That was crazy!" One guy was recording video of everyone standing in the gym entryway looking outside. Then it was over. The rain and wind continued but it wasn't as crazy. People went back to their workout. I went on to the locker room.

    I ended up talking to the woman with whom I ran into the gym. She said she was still shaking. She called home to check on her husband and son. Turned out, she was an instructor who was tempted to cancel her class because her damn nerves were bad. LOL! SMH...

    Whatever you want to call it...it was scary as hell. Daggone blood was pumpin' all the way THROUGH my body and had me a nervous mess for a while after. Came home, turned on the weather channel and it true that a supercell passed quickly over us. The only thing missing was the funnel.


    Makes you miss earthquakes...

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