• A Sweet Introduction.

    I whisper in a crowded room, 
    softly in the stranger's ear, 
    "I wish to learn your lips", 
    and she smiles. 

    A sweet introduction.

    1. I actually think the advice you received is sound and on time. It's not starting over. You have so much of the material ready - just going to have to move the puzzle pieces around. Either way, your fans and friends are with you every step of the way. Yet another journey to go on and who better to travel with than you! Looking forward to whatever comes next. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised how things start to fall into place. Wishing you even greater success. It's within you.

      1. I adore you Sharilynn! I missed this message the first time around. I wanted to share this with the lady for whom this was written. I don't think she knows this was for her.


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