• In 1791...It Made Sense.

    It made sense. 
    Law enforcement, serving and protecting, was essentially a sheriff, a deputy and a local militia. A need to give citizens a RIGHT to bear arms was given so every home protect themselves in the event that law enforcement or the military (in the event of war) could not.
    It made sense.

    It made sense.
    The Revolutionary War and the Independence of America was less than 20 years prior. A need to arm the citizens of a new nation in a time where the fastest travel was by horseback and the fastest means of dispatch was a handwritten letter and so with danger at my doorstep and with a moment to protect myself, my family and my home, a right to bare arms was given. 
    It made sense. 

    With the implementation of mass law enforcement and the military; the invention of the telephone; and the installation of a home alert protection system, this argument that one should still take up arms to defend themselves is obsolete. Admit you buy guns for sport, recreation and in some cases, out of spite. There are no Native Americans waiting on the backs of buffalo or horse looking to take your scalps...no British soldiers standing by in red coats pointing bayonets at your hearts...no runaway slaves or freed Africans ready to pull a Nat Turner or exact revenge. You are not an agent of the law. 
    And so TODAY...
    It doesn't make sense.

    It doesn't make sense that...
    There is no proper training to obtain a gun license...meanwhile...
    In order to obtain a driver's license you have to pass a written test, a driving test, and complete a probationary period with a learner's permit;
    In order to obtain a cosmetologist license, you have to go to school, apprentice with someone with more experience, show proof with a "in plain view" certificate that you are qualified to do hair. HAIR!;
    In order to be a doctor, dentist or lawyer, you have to be educated, trained, take a final exam PER STATE OF PRACTICE before you are "licensed" to do that job.
    Not every state requires a license to purchase, register or own a gun...and...there is no necessary training to obtain one. 
    On par with a fishing license, a gun license is an application that does not speak to whether or not you are mentally capable of possessing a weapon or that you are trained responsibly to own something that's sole purpose is to "put a hole in another body"...be it a person or a deer.
    It does not make sense.

    It does not make sense.
    Babies are dying. Gun are not properly stored and secured, so in home accidents occur, theft occur, mentally unstable sons take them to school and shoot up their peers. Innocent people are shot on the street. People are afraid to go to Chicago, 
    Los Angeles, 
    New York, 
    Sandy Hook 
    because some itchy finger fool may be approaching the same bus stop, 
    the same corner store, 
    the same church, 
    the same school, 
    the same park, 
    the same concert, 
    the same movie, 
    the same marathon, 
    as you.

    The Second Amendment has evolved by virtue of time and invention. Americans who swear to their rights as depicted by that amendment need to evolve too...because...
    Using a 1791 argument in a 2013 gun rights debate
    Does not make sense.

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