• A Social Networked Life to Death...REWIRED.

    Finally updating my LinkedIn. I never use it. I've had it since 2008. NEVER USE IT. But since daily I get "So and so wanted to link up with you" messages, I figured I'd better revisit it. What are you doing on it?

    I want fewer thingy things...not more!
    I have no Tumblr for that reason. Still don't get what that's about.

    I don't know how I ended up with a Pinterest or what ever that is. I think I tried to see something some posted and ended up with an account.

    I'm JUST getting a handle on Twitter. It bores me at times..simply not that interactive and I don't read half the stuff on my feed anyway.

    Instagram has us all believing we're ALL photographers...and I'm starting to delete people who post "pictures" of sentences. Use Twitter.

    Gmail, Google, Google+...oh my.

    Facebook is the devil I know so I'm sticking with it...though now I think it's just MySpace in disguise.

    Argh...time to go post on my THREE blogs and shoot more sh!t for my YouTube and Vimeo channels.

    Oh...and according to Foursquare, I'm at home, sitting on my couch, talking to you. How many points can I get for that and is there a badge?!

    I need a Kickstarter for my life. I wanna put my blues on sale on Etsy and offer my love to the highest bidder on Ebay.

    And when the plug has been pull on all of this wasteland of self importance and fake "friendships", we'll reconnect to each other once more...iTouch your heart with the gift of an unbitten Apple...no snake, worms, bugs, or viruses to worry about. My Nike+ sensor will lose count of our steps when we slip our shoes off and walk barefoot in wet sand and fallen leaves...again. Face time will be our picnic in the park...again. Skype will be a cute cafe a top some tall building where we meet to sip cawfy and tea...again.  Cookies are savored, not collected...again.  Fishing is done at the lake with Big Daddy and isn't spelled with a "ph"...again.  Catfish is best dipped in batter, fried up...not dipped in someone ELSE'S identity, lied up!...again.  MySpace is my place with open windows and plenty of space not measured in gigs or bytes...again. And the sound of your LOL will be music to my ears...again.

    Once considered an extrovert, I was someone with whom my mother literally hated going to the grocery store with because it meant being stopped five or six times by people I actually know to say "Hey! What are you doing this weekend?!" I am now an computer introvert who will have six "friends" I've never met at the same grocery, at the same time, known only because we surrendered our privacy 'check'ed in to check out...and we will never actually speak to each other. What WILL I be doing this weekend? Streaming Netflix...with, ironically, one of my nephews call "streaming net fish"...but who does THAT anymore? The streaming net fish are safe.

    We have connected ourselves into a complete disconnect.



    *AOL voice...Goodbye.


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