• The Box 69: BLACK

    Color: BLACK
    Dec. 7, 2010
    Song: "Insatiable" Prince

    What do you do when you meet someone you already know?
    Heart someone your head says "no"?
    Fall for the butterfly with the magic faerie wings and jeweled face,
    ...that fluttered around close
    ...and lands on your lips for a brief taste?
    What do you do when you know love's expiration date?

    You turn off the lights.
    You make everyone disappear.
    You let everything fade away.
    You take her hand.
    You pull her close.
    You kiss her forehead.
    You whisper her name.
    You breath her in.
    You love her so.
    You hold her back.
    You spread your fingers.
    You kiss her neck.
    You whisper her name.
    You hear her do the same.
    You tell her you love her.
    You tell her again.
    You lay her down.
    You lay down too.
    You feel her warmth laying next to you.
    You kiss her lips.
    You wrap your legs.
    You roll her on top.
    You pull her down.
    You push her up.
    You sit up with her.
    You kiss her breast.
    You taste and bite.
    You say her name.
    You hear her do the same.
    You feel her hips move groove with yours.
    You squeeze her thighs.
    You caress her ass.
    You pull her on you.
    You kiss her passionately.
    You feel her clit humming next to yours.
    You breathe in deep.
    You shiver and shake.
    You feel her tongue.
    You do not cum.
    You do NOT cum.
    You say her name.
    You hear her do the same.
    You roll on top.
    You slide your hand down slow.
    You find her wet.
    You rest at her breast.
    You slide your fingers deep inside.
    You hear her gasp.
    You feel her breath.
    You have her all to yourself.
    You give yourself to her.
    You kiss down her stomach.
    You move past her hips.
    You kiss and tickle her pelvis.
    You reach and tease her clit.
    You hear her scream your name.
    You are sure to do the same.
    You make her cum.
    You make her cum...again.
    You ...cum.
    You kiss her long and deep.
    You put her right to sleep.
    You sweetly say her name.
    You hear her do the same.

    You live.
    You love.
    You do it again tomorrow.
    You love her until...



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