• The Box 69: RED VIOLET

    Color: Red Violet
    Dec. 31, 2010
    Song: "Be" Common

    I'm into this new SOUL band
    A new groove music.
    Drummin' you can feel
    thump in yo ass.
    This band has been around
    but people keep sleepin' on it.
    Group can't get a GOOD deal to save their lives.
    Can't get a done deal till it feels right.

    They don't settle.
    They practice.
    They play.
    They promise a good show
    EVERY night.
    This band of funkmasters…
    of heart breakers…
    of love makers…
    are the real shit…
    and you know this.

    Allow me to introduce you to the band:

    On drums: Love.
    Keeping beat
    Keeping time
    Laying the foundation
    Remaining steady
    And ready.
    Love is the heartbeat of the band
    And moves on
    four four,
    three four,
    two four
    Even five four
    But always on time
    In time.

    On guitar: Infatuation.
    Wobbly and funky
    Striking the
    In its own melody.
    Riffin wild
    The rebel of the group,
    Infatuation is a wannabe star.

    On bass: Compassion.
    Quiet and low
    The foundation of flighty infatuation
    Not flashy at all
    Brother of the driving drum
    He's got a sweet and low hum
    Thump and bump
    Helping the sounds of love
    Makin' it all funky
    And true.

    On the keys: Passion.
    Light touches
    Sweet tones
    Soft moans
    at fingertips.
    She can close her eyes
    and feel
    from memory
    all the right keys.
    A Nat King Cole glide
    A Herbie Hancock slide
    Nina Simone inside
    pushin' petals
    open and away.

    Freedom's Fire and Desire Horns Section
    Trumpet: Bliss
    Bone: Ecstasy
    Sax: Lust
    Tossin' caution
    Like a shiny lucky penny
    In a wishing well,
    The Classy brass of Fire and Desire
    Swoons and bends freely
    And without apology.
    They know they can
    Titillate and tease
    With every flick of the tongue.
    Serenading sugary soul
    Blowing gentle breezes
    Of rapture
    We know freedom
    and fearless amour.

    Trumpet lips press together
    Performing a most blissful kiss.
    The Bone's long stroke
    giving rise
    in divine ecstasy.
    The sexy sax
    with its lusty lullaby.

    Together they play
    making all swell and sway
    Swinging easy hips
    in hands
    of masters.

    This funky mix play private parties
    and gardens.
    They charge nothing to experience them live,
    Screaming fans escalate
    in the night wind whispers
    If you listen to the world,
    and with your heart,
    You can hear the band
    giving one of their infamously brilliant shows.
    If you paid a cent,
    You've paid a cent too much.
    But when they are done
    And have moved on
    The price of never having danced to their rhythms
    Is far too heavy to pay
    Or put on layaway.
    So find your partner.
    And sit close
    If you don't dance.
    This group goes on again in five...
    This band called Romance.


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