• The Box 69: SCREAMIN' GREEN

    Color: Screamin' Green
    April 11, 2009
    Song: "Welcome to the Terrordome" Public Enemy


    Country Livin' Rule #2: If you didn't put it down, don't pick it up! I repeat!! IF YOU DIDN'T PUT IT DOWN, DON'T PICK IT UP!! Seems like this would be a no brainer. Seems like common sense would lead on this one. Naw…

    (For Country Livin' Rule #1, refer to "Forest Green")

    When I was in 12, I had a rubber black snake. It was one of those gag toys that you acquire, not really remembering where you got it or why you had it…but I did. My cousin, Yvette, a city girl for the most part, came out to visit. Yvette was 6. She had seen the rubber snake…played with it…wasn't nearly afraid of it. I mean, it was a rubber snake.

    Well, we left the house and started walking up to the baseball diamond up the dirt road a bit. Yvette and my sister La'Shawn, also 6, began to trail behind my brother Chris and I continued ahead towards the baseball game up the road. I hear Yvette say,

    "Terésa! You dropped your snake on the ground!"

    Chris and I turned just in time to see Yvette reach down and pick up the black snake. For some strange and fortunate reason, Yvette knew to pick the snake up at the head, and thank goodness she did because no sooner than she had her little 6 year old hand around the snake's neck, the REAL snake coiled its body around her hand, wrist and up her arm to her bicep! That child's eyes got so big!! Oh my goodness…she started screamin' and took off runnin'! Do ya think she dropped the snake?! Hell no! She was steady runnin' TOWARDS us tryin' to get someone to help her take the snake off her arm! She's runnin' and screamin'…chokin' the snake. The snake's mouth was wide open because she had a death clutch on it! Now we're all runnin' FROM Yvette but yellin',

    "Just drop it! Drop the snake and run!!! Just drop it!!! Stop playin' Yvette!! Just drop it!!"

    Oh my goodness…we ran back to grandma's house. My grandma, Thelma, came runnin' outside. We went runnin' past her, screamin',

    "Yvette chasin' us with a snake!"

    She saw Yvette runnin', cryin'…no…screamin' about the snake that got her…WHEN SHE HAD THE SNAKE!! My grandma stopped her, quickly grabbed the snake from her hand by the head and tossed it in the bushes. I know that snake was so glad to see my grandma! I know we were! My grandma saved the SNAKE's life that day!



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