• The Box 69: VIOLET RED

    Color: Violet Red
    January 15, 2010
    Song: "Just the Way You Are" Billy Joel

    Long after the night left us
    We spoke in riddle
    And Rhythms
    Hymns and Poems.
    You wouldn't say.
    I wouldn't say.
    Just guessing around the same truth.
    It's aggravating.

    Long before the morning first greeted us
    We spoke in joke
    Laughing our way to comfort
    To truth.
    Truth that makes us giggle
    Truth that makes us sigh
    Truth that relieves us
    That we are not alone...

    Long before the sun rose
    I listened to you LOL
    And I LOL'ed back.
    When ALL I wanted was a little more time to
    LOL with you.
    Argh...it's so aggravating sometimes
    To look into your deep smile
    and not be
    Mz. Transparent
    ...try as I might.

    Long before the day began new
    I thought long
    Of You.
    Your sassy smart sweet
    So friendly
    Strangely wise.
    I'll have to stretch my knees some more
    on this dreaded Monday morning
    And this is your doing.
    My sweet aggravation.


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