• The State of The State of the Union Address!!

    Watching an EVENT on television, in general, is the new gaming experience. Those of you who regularly use social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc) ask yourself, "When was the last time you watched an event and simply WATCHED it?" Now, East coasters "spoil" shows for West coasters, and if the show is live on both coast, we'll likely "break" Twitter.  We are no longer watching TV alone.  The success of "Scandal" can certainly be contributed, in part, to the online social that takes place on Facebook and Twitter every Thursday night...including the Thursdays it doesn't air.  Last night's State of the Union address was no different. I decided to do a video rant on some of the DISTRACTIONS I endured while watching the address. And yes, I tweeted and posted every last one of my grievances...lol...Savor your Wednesday!


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