• You Got Me...

    You got me updating my Facebook status.

    You got me listening to my favorite slow jams and changing all the pronouns.

    You got me cooking foods I ain't never cooked before and I ain't even sure of you'll like it.

    You got me smiling and feeling hot in the face.

    You got me thinking a lot about peaches!

    You got me fighting with you...about love!

    You got me smiling for no good reason.

    You got me daydreaming at night and dreaming about the night in the daytime.

    You got me speaking "we" like a damn language.

    You got me lovin' nasty songs.

    You got me learning new things.

    You got me in a freaky position.

    You got me today.

    You got me for all tomorrows.

    You got me in friendship.

    You got me in love.

    You got me in like.

    You got me in your arms.

    You got me.

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