• "Shirts vs. Skins" Are you #TeamShirts or #TeamSkins? Support our film!

    Ok...lol...thank you all. I chuckle because I'm still having a lot of giddiness and amazement swirling about in my head and heart about Genesis: New American Superheroes and getting funding to shoot that feature. However, it's time to come a step or two down out of the clouds and get back to work. I love y'all and if you'll allow it, I'd like to continue this journey with you ALL by my side. Turning the page, writing the opening words to the NEXT chapter...

    That said...

    I am directing Shirts vs. Skins, a short film about a trans man who has an assortment of secrets...beyond the obvious, staringTajir S. Hawkins and Nevaeh Hinton. The story begins with our hero, Dale Michaels, as a preteen, questioning her identity as a girl and how she endures bulling and self doubt. As Dale grows older, he finds happiness as a FTM trans man, but complicates other areas of his life. Even a simple game of pickup basketball is a stand in a crossroads for Dale. We need YOUR help with that film. We have a Kickstarter campaign for this film and we could use your help in one of two...or both...ways:

    1.) Watch the video and share the campaign with other people. Here's the link: http://kck.st/12SB9xL . Please share it...copy & paste it...and spread the word on this film.

    2.) Donate to the film and experience benefits which include dinner with the cast and crew, playing basketball with basketball legend, Chamique Holdsclaw and "Love & Basketball" star, Erika Ringor.

    We are incredibly proud of this film as we know it will touch lives and speak to anyone who has ever believed their best self is yet to be discovered. Are you #TeamShirts or #TeamSkins?! Let us know with your support!!

    Thank you!!


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