Hey folks! Please take a moment to meet our new, young actor, Nevaeh Hinton. Teaching herself Japanese. Professional illustrator...yes, she's a professional! and 12 years old! This is an important video to watch as this young lady is sharing her experience of being bullied and over coming so many obstacles in her life. Her name is Nevaeh...Heaven.http://youtu.be/vAjbfG28mL0

    Please watch. Say hello. Give words of encouragement. Show your support for Shirts vs. Skins on our Kickstarter:http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/divablue/shirts-vs-skin

    We have 20 amazing backers for Shirts vs. Skins for a total of $591!! However, we are raising $5000 for this film and we need your help. Our project will ONLY be funded if we reach $5000 in pledges by Tuesday Jul 9, 10:30pm EDT. We have less than a month to raise $4400 in pledges. If you're PLANNING to donate, please do not wait until the last minute to do it. Your card will not be charged until July 9th, provided we reach our goal. If we do not reach our goal, we get nothing and no one's card is charged. It's perfectly safe and is managed through Amazon so if you've ever purchased anything online, you know Amazon is a trusty resource.

    Please visit us athttp://www.kickstarter.com/projects/divablue/shirts-vs-skins. We also have a NEW video featuring our actors at http://youtu.be/vAjbfG28mL0. Here you will two people for whom this short film is incredibly important. It's important to me as well, but for Tajir and Neveah, it's about sharing the personal parts of themselves with the world. Help us make that happen. Thanks y'all!


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