• ABC/Disney Say 'Hell-To-Tha-Nah' To Same Sex Dancing on #DWTS (VIDEO)

    When presented with the question of whether "Dancing with the Stars" will ever have a same sex couple, Disney/ABC is committing to "NO."

    According to TMZ, the network is concerned that "middle America" will not support the show at the sight of two men or two women dancing with each other. The show was schedule to feature a performance by openly gay 'Who Is Fancy' singing his new song "Boys Like You", about two men falling in love. Performed with Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor, the song inspired conversations of two men dancing together on the show.  The song is cute...take a listen...

    Honey, the Disney corp may as well have said, "Oh HELL NO!" because they scrapped the song and the performance. Ummm...you DO know a good majority of your dancers AND your judges are gay, right? Middle America will be alright...gon' and let the babies dance! I'll tell you this...I've never watched DWTS, but if it can look anything like Eli Torres and Yen Dorado...I'll tune in!


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