• Missy Elliott Isn't Ahead of the Curve...She IS The Curve! (VIDEO) #WTF #Missy

    Missy MuthaFuckin' Elliott!! This woman here!!! The VA tag team of Missy and Pharrell is killing the ENTIRE game with this cut and this video! If The Cosby Show saved the sitcom genre and NBC as a network, this video for #WTF could be the saving grace for music videos! MTV executives should put this video on continuous, 24 hour rotation and save themselves!

    Man...I'm just imagining a phone conversation between Janet Jackson and Missy like this:
    JANET: Hey Missy...
    MISSY: Aye...what up Janet.
    J: We've been gone for too long.
    M: Well...what choo wanna do?!
    J: Go back to the basics!
    M: Aight...I'm with that! Something called an Iggy got me itchin' to bust out anyway.
    *Missy's phone beeps with a second call*
    M: Hold up J. I've got another call on the line.
    *She clicks over*
    M: Hello?


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